us.png Do you want to study in the USA and Earn in $ Dollars ? 


Over 3,000 higher education institutions and programs in the USA accept IELTS scores as proof of English language proficiency. These institutions all over the US recognize that IELTS gives an accurate reflection of your ability to understand, read, write and speak English.


  • trusted by the USA’s top 25 universities 2011
  • accepted by all Ivy League colleges
  • used by programs at the top 50 US universities with the most international students

United States of America

  • America is a melting pot of cultural history.
  • USA is the largest, most technologically and powerful economy in the World.
  • Unemployment rate is very low at 4%.
  • Its literacy rate is 97%.


USA boasts of one of the best education systems as far as higher education is concerned. No wonder it is the favorite amongst international students, especially Indians. The U.S. educational system is very different from its Indian counterpart. U.S.A. has more than 3,300 accredited colleges and Universities, which offer a wide range of graduate and undergraduate programs.

Some Salient Features

  • Wide choice of Universities and Colleges and variety of interesting courses to apply.
  • Extremely flexible education system and high quality of education.
  • Affordable education.
  • Part time employment possibilities with on-campus jobs. Earn while you learn.
  • Financial Assistance in the form of scholarships and assistantships.

Geography & Climate

USA is country that enjoys a cool climate almost round the year. The USA shares its borders with Mexico in the south and Canada to the north. To the west is the Pacific Ocean, to the south - the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, to the east - the Atlantic Ocean. The geography of the USA is hugely diverse ranging from glacier and tundra to sub-tropical forest and desert, vast plains and lofty mountain ranges.


The official currency of USA is Dollar ($).

1 $ = Rs. 65 /- ( Approx. as on Oct 2017 ).

Cost of Education & Living

The cost of education in USA is between $12000 - $22000 for Undergraduate Courses and between $14000 - $24000 for Post-Graduate Courses. The cost of living is approximately $9000 - $16000 per year, this covers all the living expenses; including accommodation, food, travel, books, clothes and entertainment.

Major Cities

New York, N.Y., California, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco.


Over 3,000 institutions and programs in the USA accept IELTS scores as proof of English language skills. In the twelve months to May 2015, over 2.5 million IELTS tests were taken around the world, with a steadily increasing number of tests taken in the USA.

For questions or concerns, you may contact IELTS in the USA :


825 Colorado Boulevard, Suite 201

Los Angeles, CA 90041


Telephone: 323 255 2771

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Application Checklist for studying in USA

Applying to study in the USA takes careful planning. Use our checklists to record your progress.

Up to 3 years before enrollment

  • Research institutions in the USA. Find the college or university of your choice, and check the version of IELTS you need to take and the IELTS score required on ‘Who accepts IELTS?’

15-18 months before enrollment

  • Maintain a good academic record at your current institution.
  • Find your nearest IELTS test center, check for a convenient date and book your test. You should plan to take the test around 12 – 14 months before enrollment on your course.
  • Find out if the institutions you are interested in require an admission test. Start planning to take the test(s) required by your chosen institutions.
  • Look at information about studying in the US from organizations such as Education USA.

12-14 months before enrollment

  • Take the IELTS test and receive your score within 13 days.  Visit ‘Improve your score next time’ for ideas about how to do better next time if you did not achieve the score you need.
  • Prepare a folder for each institution you want to apply to so that you can organize all forms, correspondence and receipts.
  • Carefully read all application materials and fulfill all requirements by their due dates. Create an application calendar to stay on track.

10-12 months before enrollment

  • Complete the admission application for the institution(s) you have chosen.
  • Complete your financial aid and scholarship applications.
  • Check the visa requirements.

6-9 months before enrollment

  • At this stage you should know which institutions have accepted you as a student. 
  • Choose the institution you wish to attend and send in any necessary deposits or paperwork.

3 months before enrollment

  • Ensure your visa application is progressing as required.



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