aus.pngDo you want to study in Australia ? IELTS can help you get there.

IELTS test scores are accepted by top universities for studying in Australia, and over 8,000 institutions worldwide, as proof of English language proficiency.

They recognize that IELTS gives an accurate reflection of your ability to understand, read, write and speak English. This is because the test has been developed by some of the world’s leading experts in English language assessment.


  • Australia is known for its stunning landscapes.
  • Australia has one of the lowest crime rates in the World.
  • It has a vibrant heritage, is rich in the arts and is known for its sporting achievements.
  • Australian Government provides help with medical expenses through a scheme called Medicare.
  • Schooling is compulsory for children until 15 years of age in most states and territories.
  • Multicultural Australia is a safe, friendly, sophisticated and harmonious society & offers excellent value for money and a high standard of living.


Australia boasts of a very fine and high level of education and no wonder it is a favorite amongst international students. It has an impressive list of World class colleges & Universities approx. 42 Universities, situated in some of the most scenic places.

Some Salient Features

  • Quality of education is high. Australian degrees are internationally accepted. Australian Universities, vocational education and training colleges and schools are World-class.
  • The Australian Government closely monitors higher education standards. All Universities and TAFE institutes receive substantial funding from the Government.
  • TAFE (Technical and Further Education) institutes are unique in offering vocational training tailored to the job market for high school graduates.
  • Indian 3-year degree is acceptable directly for Masters programs.
  • No GRE/ GMAT/ SAT required.
  • Flexible visa regulations and immigration laws in favour of international students.
  • Flexible and favourable opportunities for migration after studies.

Geography & Climate

Australia is diverse in its geography and climate. Being in the Southern Hemisphere Australia's summer starts in December and winter in June. Nearly one third of Australia is in the tropics where the average temperature is in the mid 20 degrees Celsius. The southern areas are in Temperate Zone.


The official currency of Australia is dollar.

(AUS$). 1 $ = Rs. 51 /- ( Approx. as on Oct. 2017 ).

Cost of Education & Living

The cost of education in Australia is between AUS$12000-19000 for Undergraduate Courses and between AUS$14000-32000 for Post-Graduate Courses. The cost of living is approximately AUS$12000-16000 per year, this covers all the living expenses; including accommodation, food, travel, books, clothes and entertainment.

Major Cities

Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Victoria, Queensland

Australia Study Application Checklist

Applying for studying in Australia takes careful planning. Use our checklists to record your progress.

Up to 3 years before enrolment

  • Research institutions in Australia. Find the college or university of your choice, and check the version of IELTS you need to take and the IELTS score required on ‘Who accepts IELTS?’

15-18 months before enrolment

  • Maintain a good academic record at your current institution.
  • Find your nearest IELTS test centre, check for a convenient date and book your test. You should plan to take the test around 12 – 14 months before enrolment on your course. See ‘How to book the IELTS test’ for details.
  • Start preparing for IELTS – even if you are a native English speaker.
  • Find out if the institutions you are interested in require an admission test. Start planning to take the test(s) required by your chosen institutions.
  • Look at information about studying in Australia from organizations such as Study in Australia.

12-14 months before enrolment

  • Take the IELTS test and receive your score within 13 days. Visit ‘Improve your score next time’ for ideas about how to do better next time if you did not achieve the score you need.
  • Prepare a folder for each institution you want to apply to so that you can organize all forms, correspondence and receipts.
  • Carefully read all application materials and fulfill all requirements by their due dates. Create an application calendar to stay on track.

10-12 months before enrolment

  • Complete the admission application for the institution(s) you have chosen.
  • Complete your financial aid and scholarship applications.
  • Check the visa requirements.

6-9 months before enrolment

  • At this stage you should know which institutions have accepted you to study in Australia.
  • Choose the institution you wish to attend and send in any necessary deposits or paperwork.

3 months before enrolment

  • Ensure your study visa application is progressing as required.


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